• Strategy & Innovation

    Illustrative Project Examples


    STRATEGIC REVIEW AND PLANNING | Developed growth strategy of a PE-backed, omnichannel, and tech enabled retail company.



    MARKET ENTRY AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT | Developed B2B business development strategy in a new market of an industrials manufacturer.


    INNOVATION STRATEGY | Conducted review of innovation practices and portfolio to define innovation transformation roadmap for an international company based in Europe.


    BUSINESS MODEL DEVELOPMENT | Designed new business (target applications and markets, revenue potential, value prop., high level org, production footprint) to grow 5-10x a product line.

    Venturing & Open Innovation

    ECOSYSTEM STRATEGY DEFINITION | Developed the technology ecosystem strategy for an institutional investor's engagement and support in the sector.


    CORPORATE VENTURING | Developed and led the corporate innovation and partnerships for a major commercial bank, including extensive ecosystem and start-up engagements.

    Investment & Decision Support

    DUE DILIGENCE | Sized revenue synergies and developed strategic investor case to support due diligence and financing of a cross-border acquisition by a international retail company.


    MODEL-BASED DECISION SUPPORT | Developed pro forma financial statement models for multiple companies and projects, enabling sensitivities and scenarios for decision and negotiation.

  • Team Development

    Illustrative Project Examples


    STRATEGY DEFINITION | Designed and conducted strategy offsite with the North American senior executive team of a global industrial process equipment manufacturer.


    ANNUAL PLANNING | Designed and conducted annual offsite for Engineering and Projects function at a international engineered products manufacturer.


    INNOVATION STRATEGY BOARD MEETING | Designed Board innovation strategy and portfolio offsite at an international automotive equipment manufacturer.


    GLOBAL FUNCTIONAL TEAM INNOVATION PORTFOLIO | Designed innovation strategy and portfolio offsite for the Global Pricing team at an energy supermajor.

    Senior Leadership Team Effectiveness

    TEAM EFFECTIVENESS PROGRAM | Designed and conducted a series of team development offsites for the Senior Leadership Team at an institutional investor.


    TEAM DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM | Designed and conducted a series of team development offsites for transversal teams at a global industrial process equipment manufacturer.

  • Transformation

    Illustrative Project Examples

    Operating Model

    OPERATING MODEL DESIGN | Contributed to design the roles and coordination interfaces between corporate core and subsidiaries towards the unbundling of an energy company.


    OPERATING MODEL DESIGN APPROACH | Developed an operating model design approach for an institutional investor to support post-merger integration of its portfolio companies.

    Organization Structure & Design

    ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE | Redesigned the Strategy & Planning function of a US energy company, including improvements to structure, processes, and interfaces.


    ORGANIZATION DESIGN | Redesigned the structure and strategic processes of the subsidiary of an industrials company.


    Culture Evolution

    STRATEGIC IDENTITY & CULTURAL FOUNDATIONS | Refreshed the Purpose, Mission and Vision of an industrials firm, distilled its values, and translated them into cultural moments of truth.


    CULTURAL FOUNDATIONS | Identified the artefacts that represent the cultural heritage of a global industrials company and synthesized its values as a foundation to strategic planning.

    Transformation Roadmap

    TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL ROADMAP | Developed the technology transformation roadmap of an engineered products company, including investment and talent requirements.


    DATA & ANALYTICS ROADMAP | Developed the data & analytics transformation roadmap of an institutional investor, including investment and talent requirements.

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