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    We are trusted advisers who bring bespoke craftsmanship to strategic problem-solving, empowering the leadership agenda.


    By refining our trade at leading firms internationally, we developed an integrative perspective at the intersection of strategy, organization, and culture. We now help our clients by reconciling first-class analytical rigor, contemporary design and agile principles, and the fundamentals of organizational development.


    We don't reinvent the wheel, but we offer the best value if you care more about the insights than the brand.


    Above all, earning your trust is the challenge we are passionate about.


  • Purpose

    Empowering the Leadership Agenda





    We work with leaders to solve challenges that matter, make hard choices and stick with it…


    … to drive fundamental progress one decision, one team and one organization at a time…


    ... while building our network to mobilize and energize inspiring contributors.



  • Mindsets


    The owner's mindset of making your challenges our own


    The quest for win-win relationships


    The artisan's love for bespoke, distinctive solutions


    The duty to learn, have a perspective

    and respectfully challenge

  • Inspirations

    (more to come)

    Credit Gail Harvey

    Terry Fox

    (Marathon of Hope)

    Dreams are made possible

    if you try.

    It took cancer to realize that being self-centered is not the way to live. The answer is to try and help others.


    Read the VICE profile: here

    Credit Estiatorio Milos

    Costas Spiliadis (Estiatorio Milos)

    Tough on others,

    tougher on himself.

    The man who built the Milos seafood empire from scratch still prowls its dining rooms and kitchens, worrying every detail.


    Read the New York Times profile: here

    Credit Katalin Karikó

    Katalin Karikó

    (BioNTech mRNA)

    I always wanted

    to help people.

    When I told them I was leaving, they laughed at me and said, ‘BioNTech doesn’t even have a website.’


    Read the WIRED profile: here

  • Perspectives

    5-minute read |  Like many others have pointed out since, the Brexit referendum, the rise of Donald Trump and the Brangelina break-up (!) left many voters, observers and institutional leaders shocked, dazed and confused in 2016. While many have doubts about how much legs the stock rally has...