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    Emmanuel Verrier-Choquette is a trusted strategic adviser with a track record of serving clients across the private, public, and social sectors in mature, emerging and developing markets.


    Upon leaving a top tier firm, and after learning from his experiences at several consultancies of various sizes, he let himself dream about how to bring together the best of all worlds. He was seeking ways of reconciling the independance and proximity that are core to the trusted adviser relationship with the access to resources required to deliver impact efficiently. Building on insights from his experience at a network consultancy and his graduate studies of alliances and network firms, he imagined the bespoke craftsmanship network model that Authentic Partners is built on.


    Emmanuel's experiences include working at McKinsey & Company, notably with the Strategy & Innovation Practice in Europe and the McKinsey Global Institute in Washington D.C., as well as with Booz & Company in the Middle East, North Africa and the US. Previously, he had started in consulting with Secor, Canada’s leading strategy boutique at the time, after beginning his career with stints in Latin American market intelligence out of Miami and managing projects on behalf of the World Bank in several countries of sub-Saharan Africa.


    A graduate in economics from the University of Toronto (M.A.), Université de Montréal (B.Sc.) and Maastricht University (Erasmus), he is also trained in management (strategy & organizational development) at HEC Montréal as well as in both Senior Executive Team Effectiveness and Leadership Development with Harvard professors.

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